Billy Joel - Uptown Girl (1983)

But maybe someday when my ship comes in, she’ll understand the kind of guy I’ve been…

Me trying to fix my life.

Me trying to fix my life.

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Burn baby, burn.

It’s those d o e  e y e s.

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my life is just a collection of poorly made decisions with alternative music playing in the background

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fun drinking game: drink a glass of water every few hours to stay healthy and hydrated!

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The Beatles - “Because” (isolated vocals) - Anthology 3

Recorded: EMI Studios, London, 1 and 4 August 1969

David Wigg: “What are your own personal favorites? Which ones that you really do like?”

George Harrison: “I like… My favorite one is, I think, ‘Because.’”

DW: “Oh, yes.”

GH: “Just because I like three-part harmony. We’ve never done something like that for years, I think, since a B-side. (sings) ‘If you wear red tonight, and what I said tonight.’ So I like that. I like lots of them. I like ‘You Never Give Me Your Money’ and ‘Golden Slumbers’ and things.”

DW: “That’s beautiful.”

GH: “You know, Paul always writes nice melodies. In fact, I don’t know where he finds them half the time.”

DW: [laughs]

GH: “He’s amazing for doing that. I like Ringo’s song.”

- Interview at Apple, 8 October 1969

* * *

"Using the fine acoustics of Abbey Road’s Studio One, this remix exposes the exquisite vocal harmonies recorded by John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison for John’s song Because. Clearly, the Beatles enjoyed an innate ability to harmonise, and in their earlier recording days had written two songs, This Boy and Yes It Is, with three-part vocals to the fore. Instrumentation on the Abbey Road mix of Because was sparse - spinet electric harpsichord, bass, electric guitar and overdubbed Moog synthesizer - but here it has been stripped away to reveal the nine voices (the vocals were recorded once and then overdubbed twice more by the three Beatles) in isolation.” - Anthology 3 liner notes